Seal for front entrance chandelier

Front entrance chandelier Art

Project Description: Nestled within the heart of an exquisite luxury villa, the grand front entrance stands as a statement of elegance and sophistication. To further elevate this grandeur, the Luxury Villa Glass Leaves Chandelier is envisioned to grace the entrance with its dazzling presence. Combining artistic ingenuity with cutting-edge lighting technology, this project will weave […]

Spiral glass staircase chandelie Seal

Spiral glass staircase chandelier for Villa

Mr. Numayar loves shiny things, so his villa is full of sparkling crystal chandeliers and handmade glass chandeliers, and even the table is composed of crystals.Because there are too many crystal elements in his villa. So he thinks add a art glass chandelier will be a good idea. There is a very narrow and high staircase in their house. So he chose […]

Flower blossom art glass chandelier Seal

Flower blossom art glass chandelier

This is custommzied lighting order for one of our clients in USA. Mr Antonio had ordered two chandeliers and ten pieces of wall sconces from us. This chandelier is composed with hundreds of the curved handmade glass pieces and golden metal frame. Which bring the elegant and stunning feeling for this high end luxuy villa. […]

Villa Luxury living room decoration

Art glass is very suitable for the simple or luxury feeling house. At the beginning, Susan found us and tell us what she thought about this area, we decide to offer some hand blown glass chandelier options for her reference. Finally she chose one of our famous designs: chandelier with the glass leaves. After checking all the […]