Orignal VS Painted glass

Painted Glass or Original Chihuly Glass?

This is a very frequently asked question when client choose to buy the chihuly glass chandelier from us, We try to describe things clear and simple with some pictures.

Usually there are two types of glass using in the chihuly glass chandeliers. One of them is the thin hand blown glass with patined  color, the other option is the murano glass with original glass color when it is made. As below we will show the difference

Painted Glass chihuly
Painted glass in blue
Smoke grey painted glass
Painted glass in smoke grey
Original chihuly glass blue
Original colored glass
Original chihuly glass b
Original chihuly glass in greay and lightblue

As you can see the thickness of the patined glass will be thiner than then the original colored chihuly glass, so it will look not so sparkling and clear like the original. But the look still ok. The advantage is it’s much lighter than the original made glass, if your ceiling can not bear so much weight, and you also have a limited budget, then patined glass will be your best option.

Painted blue color glass chandelier
Painted blue color chihuly style chandelier
Original Chihuly blue Glass Chandelier
Original blue chihuly glass chandelier

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