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Large chandelier for living room in Vietnam

Embodying the epitome of elegance and extravagance, this large chandelier for living room settings exudes an aura of grandeur, elevating the ambiance to new heights of splendor and allure. Whether adorning a modern mansion or a classic abode, the Auratu 36 chandelier serves as a beacon of refined taste and luxury, leaving an indelible impression on all who bask in its luminous embrace.

Experience the epitome of sophistication and style with our Auratu 36 chandelier—a masterpiece that transcends mere illumination to become a statement of unparalleled elegance and grandeur. Step into a realm where light meets luxury, and let your living space shine with the brilliance of our exquisite chandelier.

3 months
Jan 3, 2024
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Minghin Lighting has always been committed to making better chandeliers. Starting in 2012, Minghin began to transform from domestic factories and began to professionally customize high-end crystal chandeliers. Today, we have served thousands of small and medium-sized customers all over the world. Especially North America, Australia, UK. Minghin Lighting’s customers have always been the customer that need a individual and high-end request for lighting

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