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How low should living room chandelier hang?

Determining the appropriate height for hanging a chandelier in your living room depends on several factors, including the height of your ceiling, the design of the chandelier, the dimensions of the space, and any objects below the chandelier. Here’s a breakdown of how to determine the ideal height:

1. **Ceiling Height**:
– For Double Height Ceiling (17 feet – 20 feet high to the floor): Ideally, the bottom of the chandelier should be at least 7 to 10 feet above the floor.
– For Low Ceiling (No more than 10 feet): If the space is large but the ceiling is low, aim for at least 6.5 feet above the floor.

2. **Chandelier Design**:
– Art Glass Chandelier: Usually suitable for high ceilings, allowing more space between the floor and the chandelier bottom. A height of 9-10 feet is acceptable.

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– Maria Theresa Chandelier: Suitable for both high and low ceilings, but at least 9 feet height to the floor is recommended.

– Candle Chandelier and Pendant Lights: Typically designed for high ceilings, similar to art glass chandeliers.

– Flush Mount Chandelier: Designed for low ceilings, aim for at least 6.5 feet height from the bottom of the chandelier to the floor.

3. **Space Dimension**:
– In a large space area, you can hang the chandelier a bit lower to avoid it feeling oppressive. However, this may not be suitable for low ceilings.

4. **Objects Below the Chandelier**:
– Consider if there are any objects below the chandelier, such as a sofa or table. If these objects are present and people won’t be walking around underneath, you can hang the chandelier a bit lower to allow guests to appreciate its beauty up close.

Ultimately, the ideal height will balance these factors to create a visually appealing and functional lighting arrangement in your living room.

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