Free Tips for lighting decoration

After years customer service, we have figtured out some very useful knowledge for the lighting decoration. If you have any queries for the chandelier quality, chandelier size, color, metal finish, We are glad you can find the answer in the below articles. 

Choose your hotel lobby chandelier

How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier for Your Hotel Lobby?

A hotel lobby chandelier is an important part of the hotel atmosphere and can have a huge impact on how guests feel when they enter. It’s also one of the most visible elements of hotel decor, so it pays to pay attention to design details. The right hotel lobby chandelier can make all the difference between a space that […]

What crystal to choose

What type of crystal you should choose for your chandelier?

Choosing the right type of crystal for your chandelier depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the overall style and design of the chandelier and the room it will be installed in. Here are some popular options: 1.Swarovski crystal(32% lead content):  These are high-quality lead crystals that are cut and polished to produce a brilliant, […]