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Our distinguished team was honored to be selected for a prestigious endeavor—crafting four exceptional gilded Maria Theresa church chandeliers, each an exquisite masterpiece measuring an impressive 220x350cm and adorned with a resplendent array of 132 lights. In addition to these opulent centerpieces, our skilled artisans meticulously fashioned other captivating Maria Theresa church chandeliers in varying sizes: 100x110cm with 25 lights and 69x59cm with 13 lights. This project showcased our unwavering commitment to precision and artistic excellence.

David Lau
3 months
Aug 3rd, 2023

As part of our comprehensive contribution to the grandeur of the church in Cyprus, our team also designed and meticulously manufactured 100 accompanying wall lamps. These complementary fixtures were created with the same attention to detail and timeless elegance, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic throughout this sacred space.

The crowning moment of our dedication was marked by the timely installation of these magnificent Maria Theresa church chandeliers, transforming the sacred edifice into a luminous haven. The inauguration ceremony, held at the end of December, bore witness to the brilliance of our creations, and it was a profound honor to have the church graced by the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis himself.

The Maria Theresa church chandelier, with its iconic design and opulent presence, became the focal point of the sacred space, embodying a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity. Our team takes immense pride in contributing to the sanctity and ambiance of this revered place of worship, ensuring that every detail, from the grand chandeliers to the delicate wall lamps, reflects the reverence and significance befitting such a significant ecclesiastical project.

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