double height ceiling lights seal

Double height ceiling lights

The heart of these double-height ceiling lights lies in the arrangement of diverse white glass pendant lights, each a masterful creation that mirrors the organic beauty of natural stone. Unlike conventional round pendant lights, these glass pendants feature a range of shapes that echo the irregular grace of stones worn smooth by time. With their […]

Long Necklace chandelier Seal

Elegant Necklace chandelier

This necklace chandelier was made by crystal material, iron, hidding LED inside and hung by the stainless steel wire. Which gives more possbilities for creating the different concepts. This sparkling treasure was inspired by both the lights and the jewelry. Because of the simplicity of the components, the design can be constructed into a variety […]

Large Rainbow acrylic ring chandelier Seal

Large Rainbow acrylic ring chandelier

This is a very simple modern design chandelier. The main raw material is acrylic board. Contained with three big rainbowed rings. Which acheived a beautiful scenery of the big shopping mall. Our client Sandy are very satisfied with our idea. ARCHITECT: David Lau Date: Jan,2022 CLIENT: Sandy STRATEGY: Modern [ OUR project ] Achelvement Minghin Lighting […]

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