Long Necklace chandelier Seal

Elegant Necklace chandelier

This necklace chandelier was made by crystal material, iron, hidding LED inside and hung by the stainless steel wire. Which gives more possbilities for creating the different concepts. This sparkling treasure was inspired by both the lights and the jewelry. Because of the simplicity of the components, the design can be constructed into a variety […]

Large Rainbow acrylic ring chandelier Seal

Large Rainbow acrylic ring chandelier

This is a very simple modern design chandelier. The main raw material is acrylic board. Contained with three big rainbowed rings. Which acheived a beautiful scenery of the big shopping mall. Our client Sandy are very satisfied with our idea. ARCHITECT: David Lau Date: Jan,2022 CLIENT: Sandy STRATEGY: Modern [ OUR project ] Achelvement Minghin Lighting […]

Triangle pendant cage chandeliers Seal

Triangle pendant cage chandeliers

This is a project for a real estate marketing center. Denise chose our triangular structure chandelier. Which is very modern and artistic look pendant lights. Denise feel very satisfied with the effect after the full installation. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get more feedback photos due to the Covid 19. This chandelier is […]

Geometric Pendant Light

Geometric Pendant Light

This minimalist style geometric chandelier interprets the beauty of lines. The owner of the house is obsessed with this geometric beauty, so he prefers this simple decoration. The client’s house also has this minimalist style. In the house full of beautiful lines, these lights play a finishing touch. Mr Gabriel are very satisfied with thie […]

Luxury alabaster pendant light

Gorgeous jewelry and elegant lighting reflect each other. The shining jewelry is more graceful and luxurious because of the individual alabaster pendant light. The unique lighting design enhances the taste of the jewelry store. Under the decoration of the unique lighting, it must be the most unique and artistic jewelry shop in Sri Lanka. They chose […]

butterfly swarovski crystal chandelier details seal

Flying butterfly

This flying butterfly crystal chandeliers was compose with hundreds of crystal butterfly which is electroplated with rainbow color. And each string is using the top K9 crystal beads to connect them and fix to the ceiling directly. Standing in the front entrance of the luxury furniture shop. Gives the most sparkling look for all the […]

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