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Art Glass Chandelier
Art Glass Chandelier
Bohemia Glass Chandelier
Baccarat Chandelier
Baccarat Chandelier
Maria Theresa Chandelier
Chihuly Glass chandelier
Chihuly Glass Chandelier
Table lamp
Table lamp
Wall Lamp
Floor lamp

Our latest projects

double height ceiling lights seal

Double height ceiling lights

The heart of these double-height ceiling lights lies in the arrangement of diverse white glass pendant lights, each a masterful creation that mirrors the organic beauty of natural stone. Unlike conventional round pendant lights, these glass pendants feature a range of shapes that echo the irregular grace of stones worn smooth by time. With their […]

Seal for front entrance chandelier

Front entrance chandelier Art

Project Description: Nestled within the heart of an exquisite luxury villa, the grand front entrance stands as a statement of elegance and sophistication. To further elevate this grandeur, the Luxury Villa Glass Leaves Chandelier is envisioned to grace the entrance with its dazzling presence. Combining artistic ingenuity with cutting-edge lighting technology, this project will weave […]


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